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This document describes the setup of the Luicd Trapping plugin to the Harlequin ScriptWorks Rip and the I-Trap Interactive Trapper and Viewer, the rules and parameters that are used by the Lucid Dream Trapping Engine.

It is assumed that the user is familiar with the basic concept of trapping, trapping terminology, as well as the ScriptWorks Rip configuration issues.

The TaskForce I-Trap™ trapping engine processes the raster job data supplied by the Rip after interpretation and rasterization and outputs the trapped data as a set of two binary files that need to be returned to the Rip for producing the final output by the desired device plugin.

Benefits of I-Trap™

I-Trap™ can be configured to trap jobs automatically or interactively and can be easily set up to accommodate different kinds of jobs. Users will usually start trapping everything interactively to learn the system. Once trapping parameters are fully understood and have been configured, these settings can be saved in a Page Setup that would be later used to print automatically trapped jobs.
TaskForce I-Trap™ can be included in a queue with any available output Rip plugin transferring data through a spool folder mechanism.

Benefits of I-Trap™
Trapping parameters
Using TrapSets
Test Page


I-Trap on the PC

Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 / XP operating system;
128 Mb RAM (512 recommended);
Monitor resolution 1024*768 or higher (800*600 will provide very poor quality)

Harlequin Rip version: 5.3 Revision 4 or higher. Version 5.5 and higher is needed to work with pre-separated jobs.
Rip API version: 16.1 and higher.
Rip Page buffers version 15 and higher.

I-Trap™ software on PC is protected by a Sentinel License or by a Lucid dongle (Sentinel Super Pro)and can be run in a trial or full mode.

I-Trap on the Macintosh

OSX 10.3.x operating system;
128 Mb RAM; Monitor resolution 1024*768 or higher
Minimal configuration:G3, 366MHz, RAM 320Mb, Monitor resolution 800x600.
Recommended configuration:G4, 1GHz, RAM 760Mb, Monitor resolution 1400x900.
Free disk space required > 20Mb.

Harlequin Rip version 6.4 or higher.

I-Trap™ software on the Mac is protected by a Lucid USB dongle (Sentinel Super Pro) and can be run in a trial or full mode.

The Free evaluation version on PC or Mac is fully functional but has final output disabled

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