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I-Link Technology

I-Tone the new Screening plugin to Lucid's I-Trap

I-Tone Logo

• I-Tone is a powerful, fast, yet simple, new addition to the Lucid TaskForce product line. I-Tone is a plugin to I-Trap to generate screened 1 bit TIFF files directly out of I-Trap in a single pass.
I-Tone is based on the screening technology in Lucid's most widely used product - TIFF/ITflow and has been in daily use by many companies for more than 5 years!

• I-Trap Version 3 works in two easy to use modes, the integrated workflow mode where jobs are ripped and trapped and then output back through the Harlequin Rip, and now with I-Tone users can increase productivity and quality by using its best in class screening options and save screened 1 bit TIFF files from I-Trap.

•  Powered by Agfa's ABS and CristalRaster screening, I-Tone gives you more choices and capabilities than most rips can offer. I-Tone's biggest benefit is the extensive array of screening types and options that are available.

•  I-Tone is fully JDF compliant and stores both Screening and Calibration directly in JDF form. In its simplest to use mode, I-Tone allows you to specify screening and calibration for each print queue. The types of screening that are allowed are: standard Agfa Balanced Screening, Agfa CristalRaster Screening, and mixed Hybrid Screening.

To provide even more control and quality, I-Tone goes far beyond most screening options. I-Tone gives you the ability to specific screening type and calibration for many sub levels:

 The "Job" setting controls  - the entire job (including all pages), it is possible to predefine screening or calibration to be applied to specific page numbers of a job.

The "Page" setting controls  - the full area of a sheet, using I-Trap Zone Tool you can specify zones in the sheet and specify screen type and/or calibration to the zone.

The next level is "Data Type"  - for each page or zone you can specify screen type and/or calibration for each data type. Data types are "LineArt" which is all text and vector graphics, "Image" which is all scanned or continuous tone images, and "Vignette" which is all blends or shaded fill objects.

The last level is "Ink"  - for any Job, and/or any Page, and/or any Zone, and/or any Data Type - you can specify screen type and/or calibration for any specific Ink, up to 16 inks total.

When considering the screening options for your shop, it is important to think ahead. I-Tone brings you the same ease of use as any current solution might offer, but I-Tone also gives you the knowledge that as your company encounters new printing opportunities you will have the tools necessary to answer any needs. For one good example click the link Click Here! to see how I-Tone helps improve the quality of this sample catalog page.

See for yourself, I-Tone is available for a full 60 day trial to any I-Trap Version 3 user.
I-Tone can be used with either I-Trap Auto or with the full I-Trap Interactive. Lucid offers our online support system to help you get the most from I-Tone. Find out more of how this great solution can help you!

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Regular, Stochastic
and Hybrid

Agfa Screening with extensive controls, JDF enabled in a plugin technology

I-Tone Example

I-Tone User Guide 

I-Tone Install Manual 

more information about screening and calibration

While very powerful,
I-Tone is very easy to use. The default settings control the main setting for all possible options and appear as the highest level of the user interface. With easy to use tree structure you can quickly "drill down" to a specific option to make any desired changes.

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