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PDF Trapping -
I-PDF is the answer!

Modern workflow is rapidly moving to PDF as the format of choice. However most trapping options are still based on in-rip solutions that are less than optimal. Trapping at the PDF level gives the most flexibility and reliability.

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Features and Benefits of I-PDF:

FREE:  I-PDF is an optional No Charge plugin for I-Trap. This free pdf software gives the benefit of using I-Trap in the conventional "in-rip" trapping mode - or to produce trapped PDF files using the I-PDF plugin. I-PDF is available to any user of version 3 or greater of I-Trap at no additional charge. I-PDF can be used with either the low cost I-Trap Auto or with the higher end I-Trap Full Server Interactive to give a free pdf trapper.

Full PDF 1.6 support:  I-Trap is already one of the best trapping products on the market for handling trapping of problem jobs such as those with transparency. Now I-Trap with I-PDF lets you trap these PDF files and save final trapped PDF files with no need for flattening!
Job with transparency
Job with transparency
Click to view full size Use most trap programs Click to view full size Use I-Trap

Pre-Imposition Trapping:  Except for some high-end systems, there are very few options for trapping individual pages and then impose them. The only option with in-rip trapping is to prepare your impositions and then trap the entire flat. This is time consuming and inefficient. With I-PDF you can apply traps to the production ready PDF, as either single or multi-page files. These "Trapped" PDF files can then be used with either standalone imposition or in-rip imposition. Corrections can be made to single pages without having to re-trap the entire signature.

Step and Repeat:  Many jobs, especially in packaging, involve the layout of multiple copies of the same page design. Again in-rip trapping is inefficient, in some cases it can even fail due to combined complexity of the final layout. Pre-trapping can save significant time.

Easy Viewing:  Of course we highly recommend the use of the I-Trap Viewer because of all the powerful features it brings to controlling trap settings. However I-Trap can easily be run in Automatic Trapping Mode to automatically trap and output trapped PDF files. These files can then be viewed in Acrobat to see the trapping.
Click to view full size Click to view full size

Archiving:  I-Trap with I-PDF produces trapped PDF files that are perfect for archiving. I-PDF works by adding trapping information back to the ORIGINAL PDF file in a new "Trapping Layer". This retains ALL of the characteristics of the original file- such as fonts and meta data - and just adds this separate "Lucidtrap" layer. These files can be pulled and re-run with trapping already applied - OR - if press conditions have changed then the trapping layer can be simply turned OFF in the Acrobat Layers window and you are back to the original un-trapped file.

PreFlighting:  The original PDF will go through the ripping process that can be very helpful in determining problems with the jobs. The I-Trap Viewer gives you the tools to completely check the quality on both a local and remote basis. But please note - I-PDF does NOT make a raster PDF, it adds traps to the original PDF to retain all the original raster and vector info. Instead of working with huge rasterized PDF files, you will work with the original vector PDF files with trapping applied.

Efficiency:  There are many gains that can be achieved with this workflow. First it is possible to apply traps to the jobs much earlier in the process. Instead of waiting until plate making time to apply traps and deal with any trapping issues, now trapping can be done as part of pre-flighting. Second sending pre-trapped imposition jobs to the platesetting process will result in much faster processing to get your jobs on press quickly and correctly! Also proofing and revision cycles benefit from having pre-trapped jobs.

I-Trap with I-PDF converts your Harlequin Rip from just a ripping station to a real PDF workflow!

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