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I-PDFxM - PDF Workflow plugin

I-PDFxM Logo Convert to PDF/X files after trapping with I-Trap automatically or interactively Convert to trapped PDF!

I-PDFxM - this plugin creates a "raster based" PDF/x format file that has lineart at high resolution and images at a lower resolution. I-PDFxM allows you to control the resolution of both the LW and CT layer. This gives much more reliability than vector PDF files.

This method has many benefits:

a. Since it is based on the actual rendered data from the rip - the PDF creation is separate from the input source therefore any supported input source, including PDF, PS and EPS, can be converted to PDF with trapping.
b. I-PDFxM has full spot color support (as does I-PDF) and it also supports Ink Remapping (which I-PDF does not).
c. I-PDFxM files are rock solid and can be sent for valid output on any rip.
d. I-PDFxM files have NO fonts, just very simple data structure.

Convert PS to PDF with trapping
Convert EPS to PDF with trapping
Convert PDF to trapped PDF

I-PDFxM is a PDF Converter that creates trapped pdf files.

If you are using the Harlequin in-rip imposition and want to be able to trap PDF files and then impose them, I-Trap - with I-PDFxM and I-PDF - is what you want! Previously your only way of working was to send the final imposition through the Rip and trap the whole imposed job. Now you can rip and trap PDF pages and then impose them in the Rip or use any imposition software.

Imagine a print shop, where they are not currently using any kind of Imposition software. Instead they are imposing jobs directly in Quark or whatever the page layout program is. They do a lot of small work and step and repeat is a big part - for instance 24 business cards to a sheet.
Now with I-PDFxM plugin to I-Trap print trapping they can trap a small business card, convert to PDF/X file and impose it to a sheet, which saves lots of ripping time!

In general when considering PDF creation it is important to determine the intended usage for these PDF files. Then for each usage you may want to consider various options for pdf creation software. I-PDFxM plugin for interactive and automatic I-Trap workflows is the premier PDF Creation software meeting the general criteria:
• High Quality PDF Workflow
• Color Proofing
• Remote Online Proofing

These are general terms and most other specific needs will fall within one or more of these categories.

High Quality Production

This High Res workflow is generally used when the desire is to produce a job through the Harlequin Rip workflow with I-Trap, and then to produce a trapped PDF file of suitable quality that it can be used for final output on a comparable resolution output device. This is the preferred PDF workflow.

Examples of this type of workflow would include DDAP (Digital Distribution of Advertising for Production) where advertising material is produced at the Harlequin Rip shop and the final distribution would consist of a PDF/X file and a hard copy proof in most cases.
Traditionally this was handled by generating a TIFF/IT file set as the digital distribution format. Recent changes in specifications now demand that PDF/X 1a files be provided for this purpose.

Color Proofing

This is a general case of what would be called medium res PDF file production. In this situation the desire is to color proof trapped jobs out to a wide variety of devices or purposes where various resolutions are needed. Typical ink jet printers will run at resolutions of 360, 720 or 1440 DPI. Create PDF files at exactly the resolution of the device to optimize production, free up the main Harlequin Rip and provide the best print proof.

Remote Online Proofing

This is a low res pdf workflow where file size matters the most. The intention is to produce exactly correct, low resolution PDF files for online viewing. With the main focus being file size and screen viewing this steps away from printing and is targeted for content proofing. Resolutions typically are less than 300 DPI. Reducing Output Resolution significantly reduces the output file size but has little effect on its quality. It is very useful for remote proofing.

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