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I-Link Technology

  I-Trap is built around a plugin technology. I-Trap has both input and output plugin capabilities. I-Trap is built to "Plug" into Rip environments such as the Harlequin Rip and to output through output plugins.
Lucid now introduces I-Link that allows I-Trap to output the exact same ripped- trapped data to multiple different output plugins all at the same time! I-Link is based on the Lucid I-Trap highly compressed contone raster data format, and can be used with either trapped or un-trapped raster data.

I-Link is available for use either with the I-Trap Viewer or with the I-Trap Rip interface. I-Link allows plugins to be pre-configured. It is possible to calls the plugin's own user interface dialog for setting plugin options, then to save these settings to a configuration file that can then be passed back to the plugin with each job.

Examples of uses for I-Link include combining tasks that previously involved multiple passes through a Rip with different settings into a single Rip pass. Such as ripping a page at 2540 DPI and outputting both 2540 DPI screened 1 bit TIFF files and a 300 DPI contone JPEG file - all at the same time.

Currently I-Link can be used with the following plugins, more will follow in future releases:

Standard Plugin: 
The main plugin for routing trapped jobs back through the Harlequin Rip for second pass output to specific devices or HQ Rip formats.

Optional Plugins: 
The "Soft Proofing" plugin that can produce an excellent quality soft proof file in either, browser compatible RGB, or CMYK JPEG format - at any resolution!

The screening plugin for I-Trap, I-Tone outputs screened 1 bit TIFF files directly from I-Trap. I-Tone uses configurable screening and currently ships with Agfa Balanced Screening and Agfa CristalRaster Screening. I-Tone also has Hybrid Screening based on these as well. I-Tone provides an unprecedented level of control including page, zone and data type screening and calibration controls.

This plugin outputs a job into the Heidelberg Delta format. This allows Delta users to integrate the latest version 7 Harlequin Rip into their existing Delta workflow - effectively using the Harlequin/I-Trap as an "Offline Delta Rip".

I-PDF is a FREE plugin working by adding trapping information back to the original PDF file in a new "Trapping Layer". This retains all of the characteristics of the original file- such as fonts and meta data - and just adds this separate raster "Lucidtrap" layer. These files can be pulled and re-run with trapping already applied - or - if press conditions have changed then the trapping layer can be simply turned OFF in the Acrobat Layers window and you are back to the original un-trapped file.

I-PDFxM plugin creates a "raster based" PDF/X1a format file that can have lineart at high resolution and images at a lower resolution giving you full control over the resolution of both the LW and CT layer.

Customer comments

"Our shop has used I-Trap on both PC Publisher and Mac Quark files with the same predictable results. I was very pleased with how InDesign 2.0 and Illustrator 10 transparency features were preserved while using

Plugins Installation 

I-LINK Brochure 

While very powerful,
I-Tone is very easy to use. The default settings control the main setting for all possible options and appear as the highest level of the user interface. With easy to use tree structure you can quickly "drill down" to a specific option to make any desired changes.

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