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I-Link Technology


The "Soft Proofing" plugin that can produce an excellent quality soft proof file in either, browser compatible RGB, or CMYK JPEG format - at any resolution!

With the latest update I-Trap now supports the ability to output to a number of different formats with the exact same page raster data at the same time. Convert PS to JPEG, Convert PDF to JPEG, Convert EPS to JPEG - With Trapping!
This is enabled using a plugin technology called I-Link and one of these output plugins is called I-JPEG.

By adding the I-JPEG plugin to your workflow you are now able to rip and trap jobs either using I-Trap in Automatic In Rip mode or in the Viewer interactive mode. The same data that has been ripped and trapped and sent back to the Harlequin Rip for output – is also used to generate a file in JPEG format that be used for proofing purposes.

I-Link Introduction
I-Trap™ Auto!
Plugins Installation

How it Works

In this illustration we are using the Viewer tool with a job to set the workflow to trap and output to the Rip and to create a soft proof file at the same time.
We can also configure this same workflow as an fully automatic - In-Rip process! The effectively makes i-jpeg - a pdf to jpeg converter or a PS to jpeg converter.


This first workflow is the normal I-TRAP plugin that sends the trapped job back to the regular Rip output device

Either by pressing the [Append Workflow] button or in the original queue setup, additional output workflows can be setup

In this case the I-JPEG plugin is enabled and an output folder is selected to place the trapped jpeg files

I-JPEG plugin - convert PS to JPEG - convert EPS to JPEG - convert PDF to JPEG for a variety of uses.
I-JPEG plugin configuration
Once soft proof files have been produced by I-JPEG then you have a variety of options. In the simplest case you can attach a RGB JPEG of your job to an email message and send it to your clients for their fast review.
For more professional and higher volume automation you can use OnTimeProof as an automated online soft proofing system. It will pickup your soft proof files and post them automatically to your client jobs based on job numbers in the Job Name.

Other optins include using these files for hard copy or color calibrated soft proofing. For information on how to use CMYK files with Photoshop to do calibrated soft proofing please vist online tutorials such as:
http://www.creativepro.com/story/feature/10150.html or

This image shows an exampple of calibrated proofing in Photoshop.
Jobs can be output as either RGB or CMYK color space. RGB files can be opened quickly in a users browser or email for the smallest size and easiest viewing. CMYK files maintain color fidelity and can be used with Photoshop ICC profiles for calibrated soft proofing.
Resolution can be set to any value up to the full resolution of the job. Lower res for web proofs and higher res for local or hard copy proofing. Likewise the Quality setting helps with file size.
In addition to creating simple composite color proof files, you also have the option to output individual proof files for each separation - in the color of the ink or as grayscale.
Naming and saving options provide the final touches to make sure the files will integrate well with any existing proofing or online soft proofing systems - such as Lucid’s own OnTimeProof.
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