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The I-Trap™ Interactive Viewer

Trapping Zones

Creating Trap Areas in the Viewer

The Area#0 in Area table box list of all trap zones is the page default area. It can be thought of as a _background_ with trapping parameters for the whole page. This zone has priority order 0 (the lower one) and cannot be hidden. Maximum count of trap zones on a page is 128.

Creating Trap Areas in the Viewer

You can define new trap zone only when the Source tab is active and your page is displayed in it. Now press the Rect button on the Basic Tools toolbar to switch to the zone adding mode. You can also do it selecting the menu /Mode/Rectangle Mode.

Now press the left mouse button and drag over a rectangle area, or left-click the mouse and a rectangle area 50 pixels wide and 100 pixels high will be created around the click point. The Viewer automatically sets the created zone active and switches to the zone edit mode (button Area becomes active on the toolbar).

At any given time only one trap zone can be active. It is painted with a marquee box that has square markers on the box edges and corners. Active zone is selected in the Area tab and the trapping parameters associated with this zone are available for editing in the Area box of the Information panel. You can switch active zone either by the Area toolbar button or by the selection in the areas list.

If you want to hide the zone's box on the source view set a check mark in the Show column of the areas list table. Right click on the column's header to show/hide all zones on the source view. If a zone is hidden you can activate it only from the areas table.

To reposition a zone in the Area mode drag zone by the mouse. You can reposition active and inactive zones, inactive ones activate automatically. To change zone's size you have to first activate it and then use the markers to increase/decrease the size.

You can use all standard clipboard operations with the active zone using the menu commands and shortcuts: Edit/Copy, Edit/Cut, Edit/Paste and Edit/Clear. The Edit/Undo and Edit/Redo commands can be used too.

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