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Ink Re-Mapping Tool

I-Trap adds powerful new workflow feature - Ink Remapping!

   Ink Re-Mapping has been the single most requested feature for I-Trap and Lucid is proud to announce the new 2.0 release of I-Trap with this new feature!

As printers move to composite workflows either using PDF or composite PostScript, they increasingly have to fix problems of incorrect ink/separations setup in the files. For example:

Extension A job has Pantone 2965 C and CV which need to be combined into one.   New Ink A job uses an ink that needs to be converted to a new name.   Convert to Process A spot color needs to be converted to either a process color or a single process separation. These are a few common examples where the power to re-map inks saves you significant time and money!

The new Ink Re-Mapping tool within I-Trap now lets you display all of the inks within a job and provides an easy to use interface allowing you to:

1. Map any spot color to any other ink in the same job with a single click popup.
2. Map any spot color to any other ink in the standard editable ink table.
3. Map any spot color to its CMYK process equivalents.
4. Map any spot color to any other process ink.  

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