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TaskForce Lite

Upgrade Existing Print Workflow's

Are you still trying to use an older workflow with today's new PDF files? If you are using older workflows such as Scitex Dolev, Brisque or still running older versions of Linotype or Agfa Rips or need to upgrade an older Harlequin Rip! Then TaskForce Lite is the solution you are looking for!

The TaskForce Rip supports the latest PDF features such as transparency, drop shadows and newest styles of fonts and patterns! Using the TaskForce workflow you can process these jobs and create print ready PDF/x1a files that can easily be output by your existing workflow.

Here is an example: With TaskForce installed, your customer can submit their job with transparency through the TaskForce online job submission interface with Job Ticketing. You will be notified by email and accept the job by assigning a job number. You customers job is then ripped and trapped to produce a Print Ready PDFx1a and a Soft Proof PDFx1a. The soft proof file is automatically posted to the TaskForce web application and user is notified. When the job is approved, you open the Print Ready PDFx1a in Acrobat and use the TaskForce Imposition plugin to create the final production signature. This file can be sent to your existing rip to output to your imagesetter or platesetter.

Rather than spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars trying to replace your existing rip, simply add the TaskForce Lite workflow in front of it!

TaskForce Lite enables these great benefits:

  • Online Job submission through a professional looking web interface that you own and control. Complete with job ticketing - this is WAY better than FTP!
  • Automated Production Workflow, routes files into the workflow semi-automatically based on Job Ticket contents
  • Complete PDF workflow with Ripping, Trapping, and PDF creation. Now you have an industry standard workflow.
  • Automated online soft proofing with email notification. Let your customers view the actual ripped/trapped data right in the their browser quickly and reliably. Eliminate soft proofing as a point of job failure.
  • PDF Imposition, Impose your files using professional light table technology

TaskForce Lite is easy to install. It comes preconfigured for the most common uses right out of the box. It also includes 45 days of support at no additional charge.

TaskForce Lite has full support for PDF Transparency and for 2 byte fonts, which makes it perfect for generating trapped PDF files from both transparency jobs and jobs using Asian font sets.

TaskForce Lite is a perfect choice for these and other applications:

  1. Considering implementing or upgrading an FTP or file transfer solution for electronic file delivery.
    Easier to use and more secure than FTP!
  2. Looking for an automated workflow option with Job Tickets
    Get the Job info you need from your customers!
  3. Looking for an upgrade to an existing Rip or workflow.
    Convert Older Rips to full transparency support!
  4. Finding that emailing proofs is causing delivery and tracking problems
    Online Soft Proofing with annotations and notices!
  5. Need a better trapping solution
    Export Trapped PDF from any input!
  6. Looking for more professional quality Imposition option
    PDF Imposition with Acrobat plugin!
  7. Considering ways to permanently archive final jobs for future retrevial
    Ripped and Trapped PDFx1A format!
  8. Clients demanding online proofing options
    Professional looking online soft proofing!

  9. Click Here For More Info about TaskForce Lite!


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