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Automated Trapping!
I-TrapTM works with Harlequin Scriptworks RIP,
Heidelberg Delta RIP, ArtQuest RIP,
And TIFF/IT P1 data formats
A Powerful Trapping
Solution for the Printing Professional!

• I-Trap™ is the only product that can upgrade your existing Harlequin RIP to both in RIP and interactive, raster-based trapping.

• I-Trap™ installs as an integral part of your Harlequin RIP. It includes an In-RIP trapping plug-in for the Harlequin RIP and a separate interactive Viewing and Trapping application.

• I-Trap™ will give your production workflow the tools needed to improve productivity and achieve the highest quality trapping.

Workflow Management
   The tool provides easy way to add/remove jobs, change job's status, enable/ disable the spool folder, edit the workflow parameters for I-Link plugins, and process jobs to final output.
What Is Trapping?
    Trapping is a way to compensate
for misregistration on press. Image
trapping is the intentional overlap-
ping of colors that adjoin each
other to prevent the paper
from showing through
when maintaining tight
register on the press. Several factors can
contribute to mis-registration, inclu-
ding human error, faulty material,
environmental effects, and me-
chanical instability. The two
main contrib utors are usually
the press itself and paper instability.
Ease Of Use
   I-Trap version 3 includes a significant improvement in the I-Trap/Harlequin Configuration Tool! This tool lets you configure queues with multiple output plugins and input setup all in one simple step. The Con-figuration Tool's powerful user interface lets you set both front and back ends of trapping queues and take advantage of the I-Link technology plugins.

Extensive Pre-Configured Setups
   I-Trap version 3 is shipping with a concise but extensive set of pre-configured setups. These setups embrace the most commonly used options and trap sizes. They can be directly selected when configuring trap queues or when applying trap settings to interactive jobs. This means that right out of the box I-Trap can be configured for virtually any kind of trapping requirements with no experience required.

Ask David Lewis, President of Lucid Dream Software Inc.

Q. How does I-Trap™ compare to other products like Trapwise and Trapworks?
A. TrapWorks is a vector-based solution that isnít able to handle raster objects like images, however there are some performance comparisons. If a job has very few elements on the page then TrapWorks is fast because there are few comparisons, as you add more elements to the page, the time and memory requirements of TrapWorks increases (#objects-squared), but I-Trap™ does not have this since it is raster-based. It processes the raster data in a consistant fashion regardless of the "content" of the page.
    In regards to TrapWise, I-Trap™ is a similar solution. TrapWise is
also raster-based and is a very high-quality solution. One of the many benefits of I-Trap™ over TrapWise is that TrapWise is only a Trapping package, it will not work as an automated In-RIP trapping solution. I-Trap™ offers the interactive trap "application" interface of a product like TrapWise while ALSO giving you high-quality In-RIP - Automated trapping.
   Purchasing I-Trap™ is equivalent to purchasing a RIP with high quality In-RIP Trapping AND a desktop interactive trapping program for your difficult trapping jobs.
Q. How do I work with your product in real life?
A. Continue to print jobs to RIP - and enjoy high-quality trapping in the result. Use the interactive trapper for the demanding jobs where you will receive the confidence of seeing the trapping prior to sending the final job for plates.
Q. What kind of support/training can I expect from Lucid?
A. We have implemented an online browser-based Web conferencing capability that allows us to directly access your machine - with your permission - so that we can help you setup and train on the product and to give you on-going support. Our customers LOVE this feature, It makes them very comfortable using the product and it lets us train them better than if we were sitting right next to them because we can do this any time they need it. www.trapping.org
Q. Why should I buy your product and not the others?
A. I-Trap™ is the only high-quality trapping solution available to provide In-RIP automated trapping and interactive trapping for your Harlequin RIP.

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